If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves to improve a process, a system, or teamwork, we can help get you there faster. We’re master facilitators who bring energy, creativity and focus to your most important meetings. If it’s meeting facilitation or team building, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our core offerings ... and know that we always customize our programs to meet your specific needs:

Leading Virtual Meetings

This is a critically important time to make our online meetings effective. These meetings are replacing in-person meetings, but frequently fall short.   Learn more  

Team Building Programs

Trust, collaboration and communication are the building blocks of high performing teams. Unfortunately, too many teams fall short with these crucial building blocks – limiting their ability to operate at full potential.   Learn more  

Meeting Facilitation

Good facilitators bring focus, pace and energy to your meetings. They create an environment for a deeper, fuller exchange of ideas and perspectives from those in attendance. In short, they make your time together more productive.   Learn more  

Organizational Consulting

Organizations change – it’s natural and predictable. Some struggle, others grow and adapt. Productive change efforts can be exciting and extremely positive when done right.   Learn more  

Strategic Planning

Facilitating strategy planning sessions is a core capability of Pitlik Consulting.  We pride ourselves on being able to run meetings that fully engage, challenge and stimulate teams in strategy, ideation and planning.   Learn more