Our training grabs people’s attention, challenges old thinking, and gets them excited and ready to use new skills. We create a rapid learning environment and fuel it with a fun approach that engages people while they practice with their new approaches and tools. We’re expert at revealing the key skill sets needed to excel in your workplace environment.

Check out our core offerings ... and know that we always customize our programs to meet your specific needs:

Influence & Persuasion Skills

In the business world, there are few things more important than our ability to persuade others. It’s crucial for day-to-day effectiveness and success with colleagues, customers and clients.   Learn more  

Time Management Training

Move fast, produce quickly or you don’t succeed. Organizations and individuals move at a frenetic pace. As technology allows information to reach employees instantly – independent of the hour or location – workers often struggle to gain control and focus on what’s most important.   Learn more  

Negotiation Training

Building healthy, long-term relationships with clients is a priority. In fact, it may be the most valuable step you take with them.   Learn more  

Facilitation Skills Training

The ability to effectively facilitate a meeting, brainstorm, or planning session is a core skill for a truly versatile leader. Unfortunately, many leaders never acquire the subtle and varied skills of a facilitator – making collaboration and meaningful discussions more difficult.   Learn more  

Conflict Engagement

Conflict can be healthy. While it may be uncomfortable, successfully exchanging differing views and perspectives can open up important communications and meaningful dialogue.   Learn more  

Success Principles

In our pressurized, crazy-fast, always-on world, the rules for self-management have changed — and so should yours. The Success Principles program changes how you approach work … forever.   Learn more