Pitlik Consulting Group
Strategic Planning
Our Approach To Strategic Planning:
Facilitating strategy planning sessions is a core capability of Pitlik Consulting.  We pride ourselves on being able to run meetings that fully engage, challenge and stimulate teams in strategy, ideation and planning. 

We typically work from a goals-based model which ensures the outcomes of the meeting link appropriately to your organization’s objectives, challenges or issues.

The ultimate purpose is to help your organization make smart, appropriate decisions that can be executed with the team and resources you currently have, or anticipate having in the future. We foster a strategic planning process that brings clarity, builds momentum, and generates excitement for the initiatives that follow. 

More than anything, strategic planning is about the future impact and consequences of the decisions you make today. 

With that in mind, our highly interactive process will:
  • Engage all participants with the goal of surfacing the most valuable insights and the best ideas
  • Create meaningful discussions and a healthy exchange of perspectives
  • Challenge status quo; stimulate fresh ideas; seek best practices for the team or organization
  • Determine how the organization can excel, differentiate, and better serve its key audiences
  • Evaluate and weigh suggested ideas on their level of difficulty to implement
  • Test ideas for practicality and suitability in your organization; consider future impacts and consequences
  • Build agreement, support and momentum for core initiatives
  • Determine what additional information, discussions or communications are needed to move forward to ensure acceptance and consistency in the implementation
  • Outline a mini-plan and next steps; assign roles, ownership and responsibilities

This approach is an ideal way to plan ahead for:

  • Annual planning and goal setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Issue and problem resolution
Pitlik Consulting’s success with designing and facilitating valuable planning sessions is a result of our tailored approach and from twenty-years experience across many different industries.

             Strategic planning is an organization’s
                               understanding and response to the future.