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Persuasion & Negotiation in your daily work

Persuasion & Negotiation In Your Daily Work
In the business world, there are few things more important than our ability to persuade others.  It's crucial for day-to-day effectiveness and success with colleagues, customers and clients.

For a few, it's a natural skill. But for the vast majority, it's not clear how one becomes more persuasive. The good news is that persuasion can be learned and practiced.  This program helps participants be more persuasive and to better negotiate with others inside and outside of their organization. 

Incorporating elements of subtle selling skills, participants learn critical competencies on the path to persuasion and negotiation. This program:

  • Provides participants with tools, techniques and approaches to influence others
  • Demonstrates how to get things done without the formal authority
  • Uses subtle persuasion tools to create interest and momentum
  • Incorporates Kaizen principles to make small and steady progress
  • Identifies the various forms of power and how to use them to influence
  • Makes the link between persuasion and the vital role of negotiation
  • Positions ideas effectively, establishes common ground, moves customers or clients toward agreement
  • Encourages client or colleague reaction and shows you how to use it to your advantage
  • Delves into the Do's and Don'ts of negotiation
  • Creates a roadmap to guide your negotiations
  • Demonstrates how to handle and respond to resistance
  • Looks beyond your typical solutions to get customer/client buy-in
  • Uses positive feedback as an influence tool
  • Provides options and getting the customer more involved in the discussion
  • Uses exploratory language to help surface viable options; addresses the role of tenacity, timing and venue

Ultimately, the principles in this program will help participants be more credible and influential within the organization.

             Persuasion is at the heart of influence.
                            Negotiation is the final step in getting agreement.