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Organizations change – it’s natural and predictable. Some struggle, others grow and adapt.  Productive change efforts can be exciting and extremely positive when done right. Unfortunately, too many employees have been direct witness to botched efforts and as a result, resist the mere thought of “another change.” 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  The word “change” can -- and should be -- synonymous with the expectation of improving.   

At Pitlik Consulting, we use our experience, your input, and a simple, pragmatic approach to help you make change work -- from planning through execution.

There are several core principles that guide our approach to make change a process that you and your people can embrace. 

  • Begin with thorough, thoughtful, pragmatic planning
  • Ensure implementation is highly tailored to the people and attitudes in the organization
  • Be practical & realistic in setting milestones and expectations
  • Align change with your company’s values, vision and capabilities

Making Change At Multiple Levels:
Change comes in many forms – at the corporate level, within a division, on specific teams, and on the individual level.  We assist organizations at all these levels, helping them to:

  • Build buy-in throughout your organization
  • Prepare your people and their processes for change
  • Simplify the process; break actions down into bite-size pieces
  • Reinforce the need for change and the steps for progress to all key stakeholders
  • Manage the change process and make appropriate course corrections
  • Take advantage of organization strengths and capabilities
  • Be “real” with what can be done at each key stage
  • Ensure there’s ample communication at the needed frequency to reach your employees
  • Reinforce successes; build momentum; celebrate real progress

Done right, change is a course of action that makes you, your people, and your organization better able to adapt, perform and compete.

Let us help you think through your change initiative and make it work better.  Contact us at 949.502.4533 or email us at Daniel@PitlikConsulting.com.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent,
                        but the one most responsive to change.  – Charles Darwin