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New Business & Sales Training
Make The Next Big Win Yours
Too many pitch teams come up short - for all the wrong reasons. Missing the mark in the competitive pitch process costs money, affects confidence and morale, and limits your options and directions for growth. This training is an opportunity to challenge your thinking and transform your approach to winning new business.

For the past seven years, we’ve been helping clients develop ways to win new business – and the results speak for themselves. Along the way, we’ve uncovered tools of persuasion that will help your team win more. Our process is do-able and repeatable – which means you can use it repeatedly as you aggressively compete for business.

Executing well in the new business arena is something you control and need to excel at. And we’re certain you can win more business with the team you have now.

After years of agency experience, we’ve developed a pitch process that reshapes the live client presentation to your advantage.

The Pitlik Pitch Process will enable your teams to:
  • Build relationships and trust during the pitch
  • Move from overwhelming your prospects with information to capturing
    their interest in a way that penetrates
  • Make your creative and strategic thinking pop
  • Tell the best story; grab the audience with a Hot Start; maintain a unified theme
  • Build client confidence and credibility from the start
  • Coach presenters to be more effective in their delivery
  • Connect the emotional and intellectual aspects that help close the sale
  • Use the right visual aids; understand what mediums have greatest effect
  • Ensure you have a reoccurring method to get new business
  • Get the client to want to buy from you
Challenge your thinking and transform your
                                       approach to winning new business.