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Negotiating in Your Best Interest
Negotiate Well and Ensure Lasting Client Relationships
Building healthy, long-term relationships with clients is a priority. In fact, it may be the most valuable step you take with them. Building that lasting relationship requires alignment on several levels, including the ability to appropriately influence decisions and facilitate a healthy dialogue on direction, issues, solutions and fees.

Persuading clients and negotiating with them is a crucial element in creating better results for them – and for you. Too often we don’t “negotiate” well enough up-front to ensure the best decisions are made. In the process we often end up appeasing others and it later comes back at a cost to us and our clients.

The purpose of this program is to help people stand up appropriately for they want and need, and greatly increase the likelihood they get what they ask for from their clients – while leaving the relationship strong and healthy.

There’s a better way to lead your clients.

This course explores tools and techniques that will allow you to:
  • Change your mind-set on what negotiating means
  • Set the right environment to push, persuade and negotiate with clients
  • Address common barriers to engaging fully in the process
  • Productively put issues on the table and work toward alignment
  • Move from responsive listening to interpretative listening and assessment
  • Create common ground and seek a myriad of alternatives before advancing
  • Embrace disagreement – as it can build trust in the process
  • Create a strategy to guide success; look for win-win options
  • Appropriately “push back” with the right tone
  • Get to “Yes” -- make it easy for clients to take initial steps
  • Harness the power of trial proposals and “what if” statements
  • Get client input/involvement to multiply the odds of their support and buy-in
  • Be strong and thorough when the client’s best interest is at stake
  • Focus on value, not cost
  • More successfully position new ideas and concepts
Building healthy, long-term relationships with clients is a priority.