Pitlik Consulting Group
Managing Peak Performance
The Art of Employee Coaching
Your ability to manage your team affects productivity, profitability, staff morale and company growth. It can make the difference in overall quality, the extent of employee engagement, the rate of new innovation, organizational strength and client vulnerability. Your ability to manage others also governs your growth and influence.

To thrive in your organization, your team must be aligned and focused on a common goal. And you, as manager, are at the controls. Done right, your team soars. Done wrong, your team stagnates and under-achieves.

Rapidly building on your employees’ strengths and maximizing their capabilities is a key leadership skill. In an intensive workshop environment, training and consulting are brought together to match skills to assignments, encourage project ownership, consistently offer recognition and constructive feedback, so managers can propel their people toward peak performance.

Participants leave this course with tools to:
  • Build and sustain employee motivation
  • Communicate with authority and clarity
  • Set expectations that direct your people to success
  • Provide relevant feedback that changes behavior
  • Handle difficult employee situations
  • Offer meaningful rewards and acknowledgement to drive performance
  • Empower individuals to take greater ownership
  • Accelerate the growth of your employees
  • Coach employees for improved performance
  • Leverage positive and corrective feedback
  • Improve communications and trust between managers and employees
Accelerate the growth and performance of your people.