Pitlik Consulting Group
Facilitation Skills

Draw Out The Best From Your People
The ability to effectively facilitate a meeting, brainstorm, or planning session is a core skill for a truly versatile leader.  Unfortunately, many leaders never acquire the subtle and varied skills of a facilitator – making collaboration and meaningful discussions more difficult. 

A strong facilitator plays a crucial role in the corporate workspace.  In this training, participants learn the techniques and methods of great facilitators. 

A skilled facilitator knows how to:

  • Establish the appropriate environment for open dialogue
  • Ensure input and collaboration
  • Challenge ideas without stifling creativity
  • Provide needed pace, structure and organization
  • Move toward agreement and common ground

This program assists participants in:

  • Creating an open environment for a free-flowing exchange of ideas
  • Bringing forward fresh, creative and useful solutions
  • Ensuring a balanced and open dialogue; inhibiting dominators
    or biases from taking over the process
  • Making certain all participants are able to contribute and build on ideas
  • Leading a process where ideas are explored and thoroughly expanded;
    defying the conventional; challenging assumptions
  • Providing focus tools to ultimately bring forward convergent thinking and agreement
  • Ensuring that meetings stay focused on the main challenges and objectives
    and don’t get sidetracked by tangential issues
  • Periodically checking to see where agreement or support is building
  • Ensuring all parties understand what was agreed to
    and what are the appropriate next steps  
  • Changing formats and team dynamics to keep the group engaged
  • Maintaining pace and energy in the process

Lead meetings with purpose, energy and appropriate interaction.