Pitlik Consulting Group
Facilitating Meetings
Team Offsites, Creative Brainstorms and Innovation Sessions 
Good facilitators bring focus, pace and energy to your meetings. They create an environment for a deeper, fuller exchange of ideas and perspectives from those in attendance. In short, they make your time together more productive.

Too many planning meetings end up being boring, predictable and not particularly valuable. We turn your meetings into highly productive sessions by creating an atmosphere that spurs creativity, fully involves your people, and enhances engagement through a lively exchange of ideas. Meetings and offsites are a great vehicle for airing different perspectives, for debating practices and approaches, digging into issues and building support for decisions.

A well-run meeting is often the most effective forum to explore concerns, surface ideas and solutions, and shape your team’s or organization’s future. And by letting us facilitate, you also free up your leaders to be completely present and actively participate in your meetings.

These meetings can be structured for many purposes:
  • Brainstorming and creative sessions
  • Innovation and ideation sessions
  • Tapping the best thinking and diverse ideas from your team
  • Identifying opportunities for growth, new products and services
  • Making faster and better decisions; building excitement and buy-in
  • Aligning around key goals and initiatives
  • Resolving issues and problems
  • Building stronger teams and fostering cohesion and unity
  • Recognizing great work and celebrating successes

Bring focus, pace and energy to your meetings. Tap the best ideas
                             from your people. Create alignment and build momentum.