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Raising Your Game For The Big Presentation
Delivering a big speech in front of colleagues, clients, or your industry peers, can be a career defining moment. Done well, it is enormously gratifying, touches audiences, and persuades people to think and act differently.

But getting ready for the big keynote can be daunting. It’s not like the presentations you make regularly in your conference rooms and boardrooms. The bar is set way higher -- it’s more challenging and there’s more on the line.

We work closely with your executives to get them ready for the biggest presentations they’ll make this year. Our job is to get them comfortable and confident and make sure they have the style, skills, and story to shine on the big platform. There are many ways we help participants to build confidence in their presentations. Some of the more common areas we help execs with include:

Getting Prepped:
  • Learning the content far more quickly
  • Rehearsing differently for greater impact
Looking The Part:
  • Bringing animation and energy to the big stage
  • Speaking with power and conviction
  • Sounding more natural with the delivery
  • Making effective eye contact with large audiences
Making Your Story Shine:
  • Telling a better story; one that is compelling and memorable
  • Getting to point more quickly
  • Being more definitive and interesting
Standing Out In A Big Space:
  • Bringing enough energy and expression for the larger venue
  • Using floor monitors and notes most effectively
  • Handling the pressure and putting nervous energy to work
This work is completely tailored to your exec’s specific needs. We’re experts at helping people not only get ready for the big moment … but helping them find the fun in the process so they can enjoy it.
Move past the fear. Tap into your passion,
                  and say something that moves your audience.