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At Pitlik Consulting Group, we help companies break through barriers and accelerate the pace at which positive change can take place. By bringing out the best in your people, we help you significantly improve performance and drive productivity throughout your organization.

If your organization could benefit from accelerated positive change and improved performance, contact us today.

Office: 949.502.4533
Email: Daniel@PitlikConsulting.com

We provide lively, interactive programs in:

Confidence & Presence
Bullet Presentation Skills
Bullet Storytelling
Bullet Executive Keynote Preparation
Bullet Media Training
Leadership & Management
Bullet One-on-One Coaching
Bullet Stepping Up Leadership
Bullet Facilitation Skills Training
Bullet Conflict Engagement
Bullet Managing for Performance
Persuasion & Influence
Bullet New Business & Sales Training
Bullet Negotiation Training
Bullet Persuasion Skills
Team & Individual Performance
Bullet Team Building
Bullet Productivity & Time Management
Bullet Stress Management/
Work-Life Balance
Bullet Creative Brainstorms
Bullet Success Principles:
For Work & For Life
Relationship & Connection
Bullet Client Service Training
Bullet Building Lasting Client
Strategy & Ideation
Bullet Organizational Consulting
Bullet Strategic Planning
Bullet Meeting Facilitation
Bullet The Pitlik Process