Pitlik Consulting Group
Engaging in Conflict
Build Organizational and Personal Trust
Conflict can be healthy. While it may be uncomfortable, successfully exchanging differing views and perspectives can open up important communications and meaningful dialogue. Our conflict engagement workshops show participants a way to respond to escalating conflicts and pressure at work in a way that builds respect. Participants learn how to stand up firmly, while reducing tension, and uncovering valuable information that can be used to improve relationships and the organization.

A healthier, more honest and open dialogue is our aim. In your organization, these crucial conversations are needed to build more alignment, share perspectives, accurately understand issues, and make necessary course corrections.

Engaging in conflict is not always fun, but it’s almost always valuable. With the techniques and approaches used in this program, employees will engage in conflict more frequently, head off issues before they proliferate and generally find they have less real conflict than before.

The objectives of this interactive program include:
  • Turn conflicts into positive energy for your team
  • Develop more meaningful business relationships by engaging
    in conflict with a balanced, aligned approach
  • Discover your conflict preferences and expand your conflict comfort zone
  • Learn approaches to confront people in a way that minimizes
    defensiveness and hostility
  • Stay balanced when the heat is on; improve participants’
    ability to handle high-pressure situations
  • Work toward win-win situations
  • Be more receptive to confronting difficult situations
  • Enhance the quality and depth of your communications
  • Address real-life issues in your organization
Engaging in conflict can build trust and respect.