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Client Service

Becoming a Trusted Advisor
Building healthy, long-term relationships with clients is a priority and delivering great client service is central to getting there.  As you know, business grows from strong, trusting relationships.  By building more meaningful, appreciated connections with your clients, you open up powerful opportunities for growing and sustaining your business.

This program assists your team to quickly and expertly build valuable, consultative relationships with your clients – the very foundation of a trusted advisor role.

Take a fresh look at what you can do to tactically and strategically
position your team and your people to:

  • Regularly demonstrate value and thinking to the client
  • Understand the foundations of trust and how to build it
  • Build on your knowledge of the client’s needs and wants;
    figure out what matters most
  • Commit to steps for greater client service; know when to take the “extra step”
  • Bring a great client service attitude and approach to your work daily
  • Be more consultative and act strategically with your current client relationships
  • Be proactive and anticipate clients needs; help lead them
  • Strengthen client relationships and convert that into future opportunities
  • Handle objections in a conversational, non-aggressive fashion
  • Be tenacious with ideas that absolutely benefit the client; consider the right timing
  • Maintain focus; don’t lose sight of what’s most important in the long run
  • Evolve into the trusted advisor role
Being extra responsive and doing good work is simply not enough.