Pitlik Consulting Group
Buidling Lasting Client Relationships
Position Your Company For Growth
Business flows from strong, trusting relationships. By building more meaningful connections with your clients, you can open up powerful opportunities to grow and sustain your business.

This workshop is about quickly and expertly creating a valuable, consultative relationship with your clients. It’s a fresh look at tangible steps that can be taken to strategically position your firm and your people to:
  • Be more consultative and be perceived as respected peers
  • Act and plan strategically to develop your current relationships
  • Build on your knowledge of the client’s needs and wants and sell more
    persuasively from the client’s perspective
  • Create and leverage peer level communications
  • Regularly demonstrate value and thinking to the client
  • Incorporate a consultative selling approach to get the client involved
    in the discussion and solution
  • Incorporate persuasion skills that build a bond with the client
  • Use subtle, exploratory language to safely engage the client
  • Sell in ideas outside of the typical planning cycles
  • Effectively assess client’s interest and receptivity
  • Learn how to handle resistance to new ideas or approaches
  • Share credit and build momentum from successes so everyone feels valued
  • Build trust and respect with your clients
Business flows from strong, trusting relationships.